Leiden Music Hall
Leiden Music Hall

We are delighted to invite you to the 37th annual meeting of the European Thyroid Association, which will be held in Leiden, the Netherlands. Leiden, as a city of science, culture and hospitality is excellently suited to host you.

Leiden is a typical university city, hosting the oldest university of the Netherlands.

It was founded in February 1575, as a gift from William of Orange to the citizens of Leiden after they had withstood a long siege by the Spanish.

It was the first university in the Netherlands to practice freedom of belief and religion, as reflected in the university's motto, Praesidium Libertatis, Bastion of Liberty.

It was this atmosphere of freedom of speech that provided the right environment for philosophers such as Spinoza and Descartes to develop their ideas. Leiden has been the home-base of world famous scientists, among whom Nobel Prize winners Hendrik Lorentz (Lorentz theory of electromagnetic power), Willem Einthoven (inventor of the EKG) and Kamerlingh Onnes (first to generate liquid helium). Albert Einstein was a frequent guest at his laboratory. The famous physician Herman Boerhaave was also based at Leiden University, and his famous ‘anatomical theatre’ is still displayed at the Boerhaave museum. Nowadays, Leiden University is among the top-ranking European universities, and its premises include both historical buildings and an ultra-modern bioscience park.

City of art and history

No other city has given the world as many painters as Leiden: Rembrandt van Rijn, Gerrit Dou, the jovial innkeeper Jan Steen, Jan van Goyen, Lucas van Leyden, and Theo van Doesburg, who established De Stijl ("the style") in Leiden. The cultural and scientific heritage of Leiden is displayed in numerous historical buildings and museums, among which Naturalis (Museum of Natural History), Hortus Botanicus (Botanical Gardens), the National Museum of Ethnology, the National Museum of Antiquities, the Boerhaave Museum (science), the von Siebold House (Japanese art and culture) and Museum De Lakenhal (Rembrandt paintings).

City of hospitality

The citizens of Leiden have been living alongside sociable students in the charming, historic inner city lined with canals. At night, they meet at numerous bars and restaurants for a good chat, a meal and probably a late-night dance. Rembrandt would still be able to find his way around the picturesque streets and alleys today while making a discovery or two at the same time. It is in this atmosphere that Leiden is proud and honored to host the ETA 2013 annual meeting, which will have its venue at the historical city music hall.


The venue of ETA2013 will be the City Music Hall which is a beautifully renovated 19th century music call, with unique neo-renaissance architecture, after the renovation blended with modernistic elements. The music hall offers stylish and intimate meeting rooms, adjacent to the historical city of Leiden. We look forward to welcoming you in Leiden in September.


On behalf of the
National Organizing Committee,
Johannes Smit
Leiden, Key to Discovery
This historic city will captivate you with its charm, its elegance, its friendliness and its hidden treasures. A visit to Leiden can be an enriching experience; it will stimulate your curiosity and invite you to take a look into its illustrious past, to enjoy its fascinating present and to look towards its promising future.